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We’ve worked on projects that involve the complexities of emergency planning, training, and execution. Let us tailor a custom plan for your organization. 

Preparedness Exercises

Meet your training requirements and readiness goals

We understand that every organization is unique and your input and vision are integral to our process. Preparedness exercises are designed to test organizational readiness to handle various types of emergencies, crises, or disruptions. Through the use of real-world scenarios designed to test and evaluate your crisis response, we facilitate a variety of exercises that enable you to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your emergency response and contingency plans. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Hazardous Materials (HazMat)

Organizations that handle hazardous materials may conduct drills to test their response to leaks, environmental release, spills or other hazardous incidents. This exercise involves proper containment, mitigation, communication, and coordination with relevant authorities.

School Preparedness

This scenario-based exercise brings together school administrators, faculty, local law enforcement and emergency services, and other relevant stakeholders. Participants will be guided through a series of simulated events to assess their response capabilities, communication protocols, and coordination efforts.

Scenarios are designed to help school leadership evaluate their planning efforts and preparedness to respond to natural and technological disaster as well as active violence incidents.

Medical and Long-Term Care Facility Preparedness

This exercise evaluates the emergency preparedness plans and programs of health care providers and congregate care facilities to include participating providers and suppliers of Medicare and Medicaid Programs. Evaluations are focused on the key essentials that are necessary for organizations to care for assisted living and medical-dependent populations, maintain access to healthcare during disasters and emergencies to include protecting human and physical resources, and maintain business continuity. 

Infectious Disease Response

This exercise simulates a communicable disease scenario, testing an organization’s ability to implement continuity of operations plans, manage impacts to the workforce (including remote work), maintain essential services, and ensure the health and safety of employees during a disease outbreak.


This exercise focuses on testing communication protocols and systems during emergencies. Participants practice disseminating accurate and timely information to employees, stakeholders, and the public.

Professional Consulting

Get dedicated services tailored to you

Partnering with you to optimize your services, enhance your preparedness, focus on your resilience and ability to adapt to evolving threats and challenges as well as identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Project Management Support

Get experience and qualified support with preparedness projects

We provide support to your organization in navigating the complexities of emergency management projects by assisting with execution of project initiatives, timeline management, progress tracking and stakeholder engagement.

Preparedness Planning

Develop or Enhance your emergency response plans

We collaborate with your team to help you develop or update emergency and disaster plans that align with your organization’s unique needs, objectives and requirements.

Training & Education

Unique training programs for your personnel

Equip your personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in emergency preparedness and response. Training programs can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs and roles to ensure that every team member is positioned to contribute effectively toward emergency preparedness.

At Emergency Service Solutions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services tailored to your organization’s unique needs to assist you with enhancing your emergency preparedness.

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